THREE Mesmerizing Performance Eyeliner Pencil

THREE changed their pencil eyeliner, Flash Performance Eyeliner Pencil to THREE Mesmerizing Performance Eyeliner Pencil. Previous formula was what often ordered, and this current formula is also.

I had many pencil eyeliners, finally I bought one, #12 STARS ALIGN.

THREE eyeliner

I liked the Flash Performance, but this Mesmerizing Performance is also nice.

Previously, in Flash Performance, the tail is a rubbery tip. It was a useful tip to help smudge lines drawn because it’s firm, yet somewhat malleable.

In this formula, the tail is a blush.

three eyeliner tail

You can smudge with this blush.

Let me show you this on my arm.

THREE Eyeliner 12 on arm

Simply I draw on my arm, and you may see the greyish purple with gold glitters.

I often use the eyeliner paired with the Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow #EX-09 Momoawayuki’s Pink Gold (top) and Gold (bottom). It’s a very pretty combination.You may see the color is burgundy to brown. The tail was made by the built-in tip.

The dark eyeliner color is beautiful. It’s hard to classify the color, but I’d say it is close to a burgundy. A wonderful mix of red and brown. It’s an incredibly complex and beauitful color. It’s not your ordinary eyeliner, Also, the tail flick was made using the built-in tip.

3) Time it takes to set

I tested the time it took for the eyeliner to set, by trying to smudge the line 10 seconds after drawing. Can you see the smudged part?

The first line: 10 seconds after I drew the line, I used the built-in tip to gently smudge and flick the eyeliner drawn.

The second line: I gently smudged the liner, straight after drawing the line.

Can you see? There is a short window to play with the liner – to smudge it, create flicks, etc. So make sure you work quickly if you want to change the liner. After 10 seconds have passed, the liner will have set and you won’t be able to budge it.

3) Waterproof

THREE says this is a waterproof eyeliner. Let’s try.

I used the Albion Skin Conditioner Essential to spray onto the liner.

When I just sprayed, it did not run, which was good.

But when I touched the line, it didn’t actually stay put. I’m thinking it’s because of the ingredients in the Albion Skin Conditioner Essential. Perhaps it was the alcohol that made it not waterproof. But I later retested the waterproof claim with regular water and it passed the test, which is great.

4) Warning—the head

This eyeliner was designed in Japan and manufactured in Germany. Make sure you take care in handling the pencil eyeliner, as it may break, as mine did here. Also, this eyeliner needs to be sharpened with a sharpener as it’s not retractable.

Overall, I am in love with this pencil’s quality and color. Once set, it resists smudging really well, yet still has a window to play with the shape if you want to. The color is complex and multifaceted – it’s just beautiful.

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(Proofread by V)