Albion Exage White Whitening VC Charger

After Awake changed their formula fully, there are some request for Awake Vital Express or something following the Vital Express. Sadly it is already discontinued. We notified the repeater of the Vital Express when we found it was discontinued, we are happy that many customers could make sure what they like. And even in late May, we had massages to help them to buy Vital Express, all we can say is you are too late.

Anyway, I am looking for something following the Vital Express since Feb, and so far, we could not. I thought Albion Exage VC Charger is a kind of that, and shared it with friends of mine.

There are 28 small bottles, and I bought 1/4 of them from her.

The reason why I chose it are it is a vitamin C and almost the same price zone. I can not push you Albion Immaculate IDD, what is almost 2.5 times price of the Vital Express.

In Albion skin care method, there are 4 steps: wash, emulsion, lotion, and cream. According to Albion, this is for mid of step 3 and 4, aka use after the lotion, before the cream.

There are two layers in the bottle, shake well to mix before opening the cap.

charger case

There are small stick, it is a helper to mix well, you have no need to screw again.

The white lotion is watery.

Exage vc cherger white lotion

I applied on my face few by few, 3 times in one session. Please use this small bottle at all for one session. There are 28 bottles in one box, it means one box is for 4 weeks.

My skin was set by Albion milk and lotion, the surface was sticky. With applying this VC Charger, I felt the surface is coming to smoother, and finally it is coming to a little bit drier. Usually I do not use creams in morning, but due to the finish of the texture, I needed to apply creams to keep my skin moisturised. I felt it is coming to “drier”, but it is not meaning pretty badly. No tightness, but it is coming to drier by powder.

And I also need to tell you that I also felt small sting in particular area, not whole of my face, it was only on my left cheek, it was asymmetry. Probably I was a little bit tanned while my vacation. Fortunately it gone quickly. I often feel something irritation — sting or hot with using Vitamin C products.

The good point of Awake Vital Express, I did not feel anything those, but I also did not feel it was so much good product. To be honest, still I do not understand the reason why they are eager for Vital Express.

I had done with the 7 bottles. Unfortunately, there are nothing change. Indeed the person who bought this, she told me that she is feeling her skin condition is getting better.

Checking what Japanese reviewers are saying, some are saying they found the white powder on there face pore, I did not find that, probably they did not shake the bottle well. The other are saying it worked for their keloid scars by acne. Fortunately, I do not have keloid scars by acne, but I have some stains by acne.

Anyway, if you liked Awake Vital Express due to no irritation Vitamin C, this is not alternate of Vital Express.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “Albion Exage White Whitening VC Charger