Albion Excia Embeage Adicid Serum

I got samples of Albion Excia Embeage Adicid Serum, a special essence. Let me share how I felt.

According to Albion, it is good for any time in your skin care routine. AH! Of course it means AFTER your face wash, of course. The BC of Albion told me that she recommends to use it after the Milk, before the Lotion, when your skin is tired.

If you are not familiar with Albion Skin Care Method, please see also here: Albion Skin Care Method.

There is perfume of course, this is by Albion, but I don’t think it is so strong scent, and the scent is “Embeage”.

To be honest, I rarely use Albion/ Cosme Decorte lotion in dry season, I often skip lotion step to cream. I use lotion in humid season. USE AS YOU WANT!

Anyway, I applied it on my face, after the Cosme Decorte’s new AQ Emulsion at night, the scent of AQ is much stronger than it, I don’t feel they frontal crashing. But to be honest, I didn’t feel the good point of this product.

albion excia embeage adicid

I got two samples. I decided to try just after my face wash at morning. The serum itself is no irritation, and gets smooth so soon. I felt there are no oil. It moisturize good, but it is a quite light product, I could wear my sunscreen after it, but I can not sleep without something moisturizers. My skin is still enough supple, and I didn’t feel it makes my skin more supple.

The full bottle looks like a perfume bottle, just like Dior’s “Poison” line. Do you know that? I had Poison Pure long long time ago… Anyway! I felt I would purchase it when it would be a set of this small plastic packs, it is so easy to use.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “Albion Excia Embeage