Albion Skin Conditioner Paper Mask PE is nice for oily – combination skin :)

Hazelnuts of Philippines bought a Skin Conditioner kit, and she wrote the review for the each of the products.

In this time, she is telling how she felt for Skin Conditioner Essential Paper Mask PE, what is a smaller of Albion Skin Conditioner Paper Mask E.

Let’s see how she felt 🙂

I got a sample of the Albion Skin Conditioner Paper Mask PE and I am happy to share my thoughts regarding this product.

This is a soothing and clarifying facial mask made of Job’s Tears extract, that prevents roughness and breakouts.

Albion Paper Mask PE 3

The mask itself feels like a thin sheet of firm cloth, saturated with watery lotion. I use the thin sheets for my cheeks, forehead and chin.

It feels wonderfully soothing and the cooling sensation is particularly great for taking away the summer heat. I leave it on for 10-15 minutes and my skin feels calm and cool afterwards, without redness and certainly no sticky feeling. Unlike other face masks, it is lightly hydrating and it does not suffocate my skin in any way.

I did not experience any sting or redness while using this. I guess I wanted to emphasize that personally (as someone with combination skin) I felt that the mask was sufficiently moisturizing, and that in general, this mask is very soothing for the summer months.

Note by Cherry

Thank you Hazelnuts! I also bought this kit. This is a limited kit for Spring 2013.

Seems the same with the current and previous.

There are two sheets, namely you can put this sheet on your each of cheeks. The lotion is Skin Conditioner.

Check the latest price, and order from here; “Albion Skin Conditioner“.