Albion Skin Conditioner Face Soap N is nice if you like Skin Conditioner Essential :)

Hazelnuts of Philippines bought Albion Skin Conditioner Kit, Spring of 2017.

She wrote some reviews for the products what are included.

In this time, she is showing how she felt for the Skin Conditioner Facial Soap N, a face wash.

Review by Hazelnuts

It is no secret that I am a big fan of Albion skincare, so I specifically wanted to try out their facial soap. My sample came from the Skin Conditioner Starter Kit they launched a few months ago.

The Albion Skin Conditioner Facial Soap N is made of Job’s Tears extract which claims to keep the skin healthy by normalizing its turnover cycle and adding back moisture. I use it as a regular facial soap for day and night. But I use cleansing oil to remove waterproof makeup first.

Albion Soap foam 1

(Without a foaming net)

Having oily-combination skin, I found this soap to be rich and non-drying. Washing my face has become such a lovely ritual as well because the lather is soft yet thick. I love how it brightens my face after use. It also has a soothing effect to my skin, minimizing redness and keeping away blemishes. It truly feels like a high quality facial soap. I also love its classic scent, which is very relaxing.

Albion Soap_foaming net 2

(With a foaming net)

It lathers well in my hand but it produces richer foam when used with a foaming net. Either way, it cleanses very well and does not leave a sticky residue behind, only clean and moist skin.

This may not be moist enough for those with dry skin but it works beautifully for people whose skin type is the same as mine. It really brightens the skin and complements any skin brightening regimen. The only downside perhaps, is that it is quite expensive for a bar of soap, but the quality is amazing, so if you’re after a luxurious natural treat, this soap is for you.

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Note by Cherry

Thank you very much for Hazelnuts! Seems this soap is fitting to her 🙂 Me? Yeah, the perfume is not nice for me, and I had used the previous formula in 2013, and I just afraid that it is too “strong “ for my current skin condition 🙁 Yes, there are no perfect products.

Review by Cherry for the previous formula, “Skin Conditioner Face Soap” (written in 2013)

Let me show you my review described in 2013. Hazelnuts of Philippines did not take photos of the soap, and hope there are no big difference of the shapes between current and previous formula.

I (Cherry) share with you my personal review of Albion Skin Conditioner Face Soap.

This soap is from Skin Conditioner Spring Kit 2013.

When I opened the pack, I found the smell of “Skin Conditioner Essential”. To be honest, H, one of the girls behind me hate this smell. Me? I wish it would have less perfume…

Anyhow, back to the soap it self, the color is white like “Skin Conditioner Essential”.

The foam I could make is softer. If you like harder foam, I do not recommend this soap.

After the wash, my skin is still well moist. Yes, as a soap, this is pretty good face wash soap. Yes, the big problem for me, too strong presume, in person. If you like the perfume of “Skin Conditioner Essential”, you may also love this soap.

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