Personal Review of Albion Excia Embeage

In this AW2016, Albion will release new line: Excia Embeage.

I got a sample set, and let me review about this.

As the Albion items, the method is Wash, Milk, Lotion, and Cream

Embeage Milk

I pretty like the quality of Albion items, but the problem is the perfume for me, in person.
I had thought it may have also something “wired” or “strong” scent, and I opened this, I also found something, the scent of cosmetic stores.

Albion Milk

When I applied this, the smell is changing, sweeten but not so much strong scent, I reminded something Orchid. I was grabbed my heart. I need to note too, I like this scent, but it left longer 🙁

Anyway, let me review the product itself.

Albion products are oilier, and I felt it is much oilier than Excia AL Renewing Extra Rich Milk SV, what I am using current. I will compare those two items before the Renewing will be done. In person, it is too oily for my current skin. Probably it may be better when I stay at hotels for one week or more.

Embeage Lotion

The scent of this Embeage Lotion is the same with the Milk.

To be honest, my sensitive skin is not fitting to the Albion’s signature item, Skin Conditioner Essential. I prefer Albion’s other lotions, like Excia AL, Infinesse, and Exage.

I took the lotion on the cotton, as Albion recommends, to be honest, I prefer applying by my hands.

The lotion is sticky, and I liked this. And there are no sting.

When I applied this after the milk, I felt my skin is moisturized.
When I applied this just after my face wash, my skin was pretty moisturized.

Albion method is unique, but I am feeling that choosing one item or something for your demand or preference is not bad idea.

Embeage Dionectar

This face cream is for the final step.

Albio Dio

When I get this sample set, the BC told me that it does not infiltrate my skin, just place and wrap.

The thick cream is much thicker than I had thought, I felt it is quite thick gel cream, but on my face it is turning to thick oil cream. The scent is the same with other items, but I felt I am too young to use this 🙂


I am feeling my skin is drier, but for this line, my skin is not so much dry to use 🙂

I never say this is only for matured skin, but for my skin, this is too much :))

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “Albion Excia Embeage Line