Chicca Flawless Glow Solid Foundation is natural and long lasting

We got a sample of Chicca Flawless Glow Solid Foundation.

Review by Hazelnuts

Chicca Flawless Glow Foundation
Talking with Hazelnuts, she is really interested on this foundation, I gave it to her first. See how she felt.


Chicca released the Flawless Glow Solid Foundation in autumn 2016. It promised coverage without compromising luster and translucence, hence its name, “flawless glow.”

The “oil sealant formula” is meant to be stamped on the skin, with its special sponge, for a natural, luminous finish.

Chicca Sponge

I tried the shade Yellow Beige 01, and the texture is pretty similar to their Flush Blush.

I had to press and swipe the sponge to coat it evenly, then I “stamped” it again all over my face to apply, because according to Chicca, swiping or rubbing the foundation on the skin will cause it to cake. The stamping method helps it to adhere on the skin.

Chicca Foundation2

The finish is quite natural with a bit of a glow.

Chicca Foundation3

Because of the little amount I used and the stamping application technique, the skin is coated evenly and the foundation feels light. I didn’t feel like I was wearing any makeup at all. It is very easy to blend and it does not feel oily either. It did not cover my pores, and the makeup looks very light and natural. This foundation seems to work well for those with good skin.

Wear time is also good – this foundation lasted me throughout the day. I think it can work well across all skin types, dry or oily, because the formula is very light and has good moisture balance, not too creamy nor thick.

The downside for me is the shade. I normally gravitate towards yellow-based colors, and #Yellow Beige 01 was too dark for me. I guess I will have to try a lighter shade next time.

This is a good foundation for those looking for natural coverage and those who dislike “heavy-feeling” makeup. But if you have pores or imperfections to cover, this may be too light for you.

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Review by Cherry

Finally I got a sample by Chicca too.

Chicca Flawless Glow Solid Foundation

The shade is #Yellow Beige 02. Different shade with Hazelnuts.

Chicca unique sponge

It is unique point that this sponge and the method of stamping on your face.

Solid swatch

hmm. It will be because of the quantity of the sample, it is not easy to “stamp”.  I wanted to apply this on my face too, I did not waste on my arm swatch only.

OK, blended.

Chicca solid founcation

It is really a natural finish, and it is sheer. I do not feel this is a glow finish. Seems there are no sing factors. It is lovely.

On my face, the quantity is not enough for me — This foundation is really sheer, and no “glow” on my face too. It is natural, but does not cover my uneven skin tone.

I am looking for something “naturally” cover my uneven skin tone without concealers. I do not need glitters on my foundation. It must make me look natural, and sheer, but actually covers well. This foundation is not for my preference.

If you have flawless skin, look for the foundation lasting well, and do not want to wear so much heavy foundations, it can be one of the solutions, I will show.

I also got a sample of YB01 (the same with Hazelnuts)


Show you the swatch.

chicca swatch

Let me blend.

chicca blend

Because it is the very my shade, and it is really hard to show you. And I needed to take better pictures few times, and there are no samples of this #YB01 now. When I get both two shades, I may compare with swatch, but it may be really later.

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