Kanebo Allie Nuance Change Gel: RS is natural looking

In 2022, Kanebo change the formula of Allie Nuance Change Gel to Allie Chrono Beauty Tone Up UV.

WT is current 01, RS is current 02.

The new formula is beach friendly, but I gave less interest on this product of cheap perfume. I keep this article, and I may not update the formula of 2022.

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There are two patterns, RS (Rose Chaire) with the scent of Rose & Geranium, and WT (Bright White) with the scent of Jasmine & White Peche. Both smells cheaply, but Allie is a drugstore brand, please do not expect they use essential oil or something posh scent.

Please pay attention, “Bright White” is meaning neither brightening nor whitening. It is a kind of “Tone Up” product.

The swatch of Allie Nuance Change Gel WT and RS

Nuance change gel

I was expected the RS made my skin tone healthier, disappointedly it is not. I admit that the WT is “tone up”, but I say it is whiting unnaturally. RS is naturally. RS is a disappointed product, but WT is not mine.

In 2020, they releases “Cherryblossom” as the limited, Kanebo fulfils it few by few, but I do not buy it.

This Nuance Change Gel is a super waterproof sunscreen, I am thinking its waterproof effect is quite enough.

Probably, I should better to compare the WT and Extra UV Highlight Gel, but I did not satisfy with the Highlight Gel, it is a silly idea to spare our budget for the product what I know I do not satisfy.

Comparing Extra UV Facial Gel N & WT & Extra UV Gel N


I am feeling WT is a little bit lighter than the Facial Gel N, but Extra UV Gel N is more lighter than WT.

In the blended, I feel the looks are not quite changed: all are looks “tone up”, I feel whiting unnaturally.

The waterproof, Facial Gel N is “waterproof” and other two are “super waterproof”, I also think the Facial Gel N is the weakest.

For my feeling:

  • Natural looking: I recommend to use Nuance Change Gel RS
  • The most moisturised texture: I recommend to use Extra UV Facial Gel N
  • The most light texture: I recommend to use Extra UV Gel N

Some may say Nuance Change Gel WT is good balanced, I think.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “Kanebo Allie