Awake Herbal Vitalizing Face Foaming Mask may be for the person who are looking for lifting your face up

For me, Awake is good brand, especially vital Express. However seems they are shrinking this line, and switching Herbal Vitalizing line, which has really nice scent, but generally too strong for me.

Awake Vital Express V-Complex Mask was not bad, but they are already discontinued. As of Feb 2017, this Awake Herbal Vitalizing Face Foaming Mask is only one sheet mask under Awake brand.

As I had mentioned in this article, this Herbal Vitalizing is stronger for me, I sometimes feel sting by this. It is natural that I was hesitated to use after I got it.

I opened this package, the scent is the very “cypress aroma”, and yeah, I like this.

The essence is how to say, runny half-transparent white liquid, no, 3/4 is not transparent liquid.

Can you see on the spatula? It is far from oily or milky.

The sheet itself is much richer than V-Complex mask.

When I wrapped my face, it was my first experience with using those sheet masks with covering under the chine, it is for “foaming” your face, or lifting your dull face line up.

To be honest, just after applying, I did not feel any of irritation, but after few seconds I got pain 🙁 It went to quickly, but not nice. It is the very Herbal Vitalizing line, what is not for me 🙁

Anyway, I kept more than 10 mins, I did not feel my skin was more and more moisturized, indeed I felt my face line is coming to tight, it may “lift up” thing.

This has not so bad reputation among Japanese reviewers, but I know this is not for me. I am looking for a sheet masks what moisturized my skin well.  If you are looking for something sheet masks what lift your face line up, it may for you 🙂

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “Awake Masks”.