Albion Excia SECRET FORMULA OIL EMERALD is sadly not for me :(

Albion Excia SECRET FORMULA OIL EMERALD is a beauty oil. I got a sample of this, let me share with you my review.

The claims there are a long living Olive’s oil and it is good for our skin brbrbrbrb… It is really unacceptably wired and un-logical and anti-science. Yeek.

All I wanna say is how I felt, it is much important isn’t it?

Albion Oil

There is something scent, and seems perfume is included.

When I applied this on my face, after few seconds, I felt something sting. It went to quickly, but not for me. My skin condition is not super healthy, but it is not pretty damaged, I mean I am fine as Feb, still the air is cold and dry, but so strong sunshine in here.

I guess there are someone this oil is fit to, but I think it is not for mine.

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