A little of Awake Serum Zero Shine goes a long way to control oils :)

We got a sample of Awake Serum Zero Shine. This is generally for your oily T-zone, this serum avoid for your funning foundation. For me, it is not a big problem, and for my drier skin, it can be a kind of harmful, simply I was afraid of it makes my skin more drier.

I just remind Hazelnuts of Philippines who is living in tropical climate with oily-combination skin.

See how she felt 🙂

Awake Zero Shine

I will be sharing my thoughts on the Awake Serum Zero Shine. I cannot find enough product information, but it was mentioned that this serum is rich in natural minerals, alum, and Chinese quince extract. These herbal ingredients keep the skin moist and prevents oil and shine from coming through makeup.

awake swatches

It reminded me of anti-shine products from the Body Shop, which I have used a long time ago!

Texture is a thick, non-oily cream. At first I thought it was silicone-y like the product from the Body Shop, but it is not. I apply it prior to makeup application, only to my shine prone areas— forehead, T-zone and a bit on the cheeks.

The finish is a smooth, natural matte. It did not feel heavy or mask-like, like those silicone-heavy anti-shine primers. Makeup goes well on top of it too.

It controls shine very well, especially on my forehead. I normally use blotting papers, which I use every 4 hours or so, but I do not use any, when I apply this product.

This is a good product for oily or combination skin. A little goes a long way, and it controls oil and keeps makeup fresh.

Thank you very much, Hazelnuts!

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