Kanebo Allie Chrono Beauty Color On UV

In SS2023, Kanebo released new Allie product, “Allie Chrono Beauty Color On UV”.  This product has 3 shades, #Cheek UV 01 Cheek UV Lucent Pink, #Cheek UV 02 Warm Orange”, and “Luster UV Trance Lucent”.

In Japanese jargon on make up field, “Cheek” means “Blush”. I have less interest on Luster UV, it means highlighter on Allie, I purchased #01 Pink and #02 Orange.

I know some people are particularly cautious about the choice of sunscreen because sunscreens tends to take moisture away from their faces. In recent years, you know I had used “many” sunscreens, there are less these sunscreens, and Allie of current “Chrono Beauty”formula, I have not feel these. This is the reason why I am repeating Allie products in recent years.

They are cream blush with SPF50+, PA++++, Super Waterproof, and Friction proof. Sad to say there are perfume on this Allie Chrono Beauty Color On UV, it is not so strong, but there are.

Why this Allie Chrono Beauty Color On UV?

You may apply your blushes on your cheek bones, and when you apply high lighting, you may apply your nose bones, cheek bones, forehead, and chin. They are the points of your faces where bathe in the sun.

Do you where face masks? I do. But when I walk outside where none are walking, I rarely do that. When I walk big roads, I do for exhaust gas, by the way.

But when I go in the supermarkets, post offices, banks, clinics etc, I always wear it. Those points where I apply blushes/ highlighters are rubbed against masks.

They are the reasons why Allie releases this blush/ highlighter with high sunscreen effect with Super Waterproof and Friction Proof.

How to Use?

After your basic makeup, apply they as cream blush or highlighter.

I applied it on my bare skin, and it looks quite vivid, what made me be shocked. But after touching by my finger, they are getting natural. For me, #01 Pink is better look than #02 Orange.

Checking what Japanese reviewers are saying, some are using them as color controler, but for me, they are not covering my uneven skin tone.

Better Waterproof effect, but not so much good friction proof effect.

I applied Avene Water to see whether it is truly Waterproof or not, this is the reason why I am showing on my bare arm.

I am feeling it is a better waterproof effect. Indeed I don’t think it is so much good friction proof effect as I had expected.

After I placed a tissue on those makeup, they were almost gone. I recommend not counting its friction proof effect so much.

Totally to say, it will be one of the best sellers in 2023, it is a unique, and not bad.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “Kanebo Allie