Have you checked ADDICTION Ready to Wear Eye Palette 5th Anniversary?

ADDICTION is one of the most ordered makeup brands for us.
This is pretty cool colors, but in person, it is so difficult to use.

In this summer, AYAKO the director is making limited 3 palettes. Red, Black and White.
As our experience, ADDICTION’s limited palettes are quite limited, and it is often sold out during pre-order period. The sales day is 11th of July, but we accept the pre-order until 29th of June. When we could obtain them after 11th of July, we may upload it again.

It would be hard to obtain through the official net stores. We will book them during the physical stores, and shipped. We have to rise up the price than usual, because of the expenses.

Seems all the colors are from ADDICTION Eyeshadow
Do you use all the Quad colors? If you thought this limited palette is cool, but not easy to use all the colors, choose colors from ADDICTION Eyeshadow.

Please check the colors, and order from here;”ADDICTION Ready to Wear Eye Palette