Waterproof sunscreens special kit!

We do not deal small bottled sunscreens, because they are sometimes limited, and hard to find on late summer, and we guess it is a little bit wired to go to obtain products cost only JPY1000, but shipping is JPY1500.

Yet it is still June, and still there are small bottles in the stores. We can obtain them.

We made a 6 bottles kit.

Kose Sekkisei Sun Protect Essence Milk 25ml
Shiseido Anessa Perfect Essence Sunscreen A+N 25g (White Tube)
Shiseido Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen A+N 25ml (Golden Bottle)
Kanebo Allie UV Moisture Gel 25g (White Tube)
Kanebo Allie UV Perfect Alpha 25ml (White Bottle with Blue Letters)
Kanebo Allie UV Whitening 25ml (White Bottle with Golden Letters)

Are included.

If you have interest on this, please order us ASAP. We accept the order for this kit until 29th of June.

Please check the latest price, and order from here; “Waterproof sunscreen 6 bottles Kit”