Shiseido d Program Essence In Cleansing Foam

I (Cherry ) got a sample of Shiseido d Program Essence In Cleansing Foam, it is changed from d Program Conditioning Wash in SS2020.

d Program by Shiseido is designed for sensitive skins.

It is a paste type face wash. Because I have these 2 packages, and I can not waste my samples, I took few for taking pictures. Also, in my note for the previous s Program Conditioning Wash, I had described as “this face wash might be designed for quite oily skin, I am sure. “ in 2013, almost 10 years ago, I was younger and oilier, but I felt it is tight.

d program

With water, I could make bubble easier, but I guess it is very small quantity to show you.

d program foam

Compared with other foam type face washes, I don’t need to take so much to shoot.

It is the very  biggest point for me that there are no cheap perfume. I rarely use Shiseido, because they often add strong smell of cheap perfume, sometimes it makes me headache. But there are no problem with this line.

This d Program is for sensitive skin, in previous formula, I noted on 2013 as “this face wash might be designed for quite oily skin, I am sure. I recommend this product for young people or oily skins”.  So, I hesitated to use, then I used really small quantity to try.

However in this formula, I felt there are neither tight nor dryness after using this Essence In Cleansing Foam. On that night, I used left of that open package, and no problem. On the next day, I used whole of another package, and felt good quantity to use.

I am wondering whether I am going to deal d program again or not. When you need it, please feel free to ask me.