POLA B.A Deep Clearizer

I (Cherry) got a sample of POLA B.A Deep Clearizer, and satisfied with it. Then, I bought a full bottle.

This is new for July 2021. It is a unique product. It is saying “Deep Clearizer”, sounds like a makeup remover or a face wash. But it is a kind of massage cream or lough skin smoother.

pola deep

The competitors of this product are below, as I had tried.

There are both good and bad sides, all the products.

The most similar product can be Fancl Skin Renewal Pack, but we need to keep our face with spreading the paste for few mins, it is not convenient for my lifestyle.

You have no need to rinse with those products, Ignis Whitening Oasis, Ignis Moisturizing Peace, Excia Jet White Restart Serum, and RED B.A Contur Tention Mask. Indeed I got acnes with using Moisturizing Peace, guess sometimes those products are too much.

They are the reasons why I bought this POLA B.A Deep Clearizer.

It is a massage cream to be relaxed. And rinsing is nice to remove it from my face. It may not leave on my face and not make acne.

POLA is insisting something Keratin is brabrabrabrabrabrabrabra, but I am not quite sure whether it is scientific. I am using this product, because it makes my skin enough moisturized, and easy to use in my Summer lifestyle.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “POLA B.A Skin Care Line“.