POLA RED B.A Contur Tention Mask

I got a sample of POLA RED B.A Coutur Tention Mask, which is new for AW2019.

This product is a massage cream,  you do neither rinse nor wipe. Then, this is for final step of your daily skin care routine.

I got a sample, please let me tell you how I felt.

I had thought that this is a kind of gel, but the texture is much harder than I had expected.

Red ba cream

Probably it could be fixed to using POLA products, with using other products like Cosme Decorte, Fancl, Awake, and Albion, this cream did not fixed to use. When I applied this product just after my bath, it was not quite nice to be smoothed.

I guess it maybe wrong choice of the combination.

Also I need to note that I wanted to let my ( a little bit) lough skin to be smoother, but I could not find those effect after my awaken in the next morning.

In another night, I used Ignis Brightening Oasis, it was much better feeling in the next morning.

I know the scent of this POLA is MUCH posh than Ignis, and the spatula works for the massage bar. Indeed the jar style is not good hygiene, I am sure.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: POLA RED B.A