Decencia Ayanasu Wrinkle O/L Concentrate (Medicated)

I got a sample of Decencia Ayanasu Wrinkle O/L Concentrate (Medicated).

This oil is good for your wrinkle care with Niacinamide.

Decencia oil

The texture is watery oil. Seems it is not for the pin-point wrinkle care product, but for whole of your face to caring. It moisturised pretty well, but Ayanasu recommend to use it after the lotion, and before of the essence concentrate.

Originally Ayanasu is a line of the scene of lavender, but checking the ingredients, seems there are no lavender extract or lavender water kind but I found rose water.

I had used few samples only, I can not say it worked on my small wrinkles. But I feel if you do not like sticky oils for your skin care, this oil is really watery and smooth one, it helps your skin condition better with few drops.

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