The difference between liquid and cream foundations

Recently, we had some questions from a customer. As her permission, we wrote something about the difference between liquid and cream foundation.


Generally to say, liquid foundations are watery, so they are basically runny. See a picture from my personal review of THREE Flawless Ethereal Fluid Foundation, which is definitely the most ordered liquid foundation.

See also another foundation: Lunasol Skin Modeling Liquid Foundation from my personal review.

This is also runny. see my personal review of Suqqu Frame Fix Liquid Foundation N too.

Cream foundations are more oily. Even they are not pretty much “oily” texture, but they are a little bit harder than liquid foundations. They are sometimes in jars, or in tubes.

See a picture of my personal review of Albion Excia AL Superior Cream Foundation, this is pretty often ordered.

The second ordered is Suqqu Frame Fix Cream Foundation N. See my personal review too.

When they are in jars like SUQQU, my recommend is applying by spatulas.

Skin type & Season

In here Japan, we have 4 seasons. We Japanese girls change foundations every seasons. Truly we do, but up to skin type. Powder foundations are for the people who has oily to normal skin. Emulsions are normal to dry skin. Liquid is also normal to dry skin. Cream is for dry skin. Yet you can choose your feeling and your favorite texture. When you wanna make things matte, powder is the best. When you make your face matte with emulsion/ liquid/ cream foundations, apply with touching softly.

My personal tendency?? My skin is drier, but sweat pretty much. So, I use powder foundations on humid summer, and I use liquid foundation during drier autumn to spring. And there are so many number of foundations samples I have to review. I can not review just applying few times to use!!

I do not use face powders/ loose powders, it is just my personal tendency, that’s all. I like trying to make things pretty natural. So far, loose powders are not my style 😉

Hope it helps you!