Beauty tips to Natural Makeup — basic idea

Sometimes we were asked about “natural makeup” things. Yes. We Japanese are crazy about natural makeup. Frankly to say, it is perfectly relate to cultural difference. Need examples?? When I traveled to South Korea in this summer of 2014, I felt odd to see they are painting their face pretty much pale. Because of that makeup, they are super easy to find when I was in Europe. In South Korean culture, it may be good. But in here Japan, that is just odd. I am going to give you some tips to have Japanese style natural makeup.

By the way, do you understand the idea of natural make up? I had mentioned before, sounds some people are misunderstanding about that idea as less items or less techniques. It is perfectly different! An American girl had suggested me as “The “natural” look to many American’s is appearing “bare faced” although you may be wearing 10+ different cosmetics. The practice of using darker and lighter shades of a neutral color for contour and highlight is very popular. ” I am sharing almost the same idea with her. Natural makeup means emphasis your beauty NATURALLY. So, less artificial colors, less glitters. But natural makeup requires many items and full of makeup skills more than you may have expected.

First is foundations? No. Hair on your face. GROOMING!!! Are you shocked? I am talking about Japanese style.

Second is cleansing.

Third is skincare. I am a skincare monster 🙂

Fourth is foundations or “base makeup”. Choose right foundation color. Hide your freckles or uneven skin torn. If you need, use some items like concealers or loose powders. Applying blushes/ highlights/ shading as you want.

Finally makeup, point makeup, eyeshadows, eyeliners, lips etc etc. I am super bad at this point.