Beauty tips to Natural Makeup — Grooming

I am often asked by my customers or friends from abroad about “Natural Makeup”.

The first step of “Natural Makeup” is creating a “smooth look” to the skin on your face. Yes, I know you already know that. This is the reason why you ask me about products that brighten your skin or hiding your freckles, etc.

Basically, to achieve natural beauty, all you have to do is grooming. Are you surprised it is not related to skin care or to makeup? Are you curious why I would even mention such an essential part of a beauty routine? This topic can be sensitive. Please be assured that these tips are from one girl to another because I love to talk all about beauty and to share the things I know.

First, let’s discuss eyebrows.

Eyebrows, are one aspect of beauty where the trends come and go quickly. Once you find the best shape for your face, you can try the trends without completely changing your eyebrows.

All eyebrows are different. Some eyebrows need to be trimmed, some need to shave a few hairs, but some eyebrows require powder or pencil to fill in spaces. I recommend that you do not pluck your eyebrows. The trends for eyebrow shape are always changing. If you use tweezers to remove your eyebrow hairs, they may not grow back. Then you must draw in your eyebrows with cosmetics, which can be difficult to do so that your eyebrows remain attractive.

For example, in 2004, when I was a student, the trend for Japanese eyebrows was thin and rounded. One of my friends was a super fashionable person; she plucked out most of her eyebrow and could beautifully draw in her eyebrows. In 2014, the trend of Japanese eyebrow is thick and straight, a little bit more manly than previous trends. Since I had just trimmed and shaved, instead of tweezing, it is not hard to adjust to the changing trends every year. However, my friend’s eyebrows did not grow back. Because she lost her eyebrows, she must continue to draw her eyebrows like the 2004 trend.

If you do not need to shave extra eyebrow hairs, a simple trim may be all it takes to create an elegant eyebrow. For me, I must trim and shave a few stray hairs in under my eyebrows before the eyelid. My eyebrows are thick, and to be honest, I am really bad at shaping my eyebrows. I leave it to the professionals! When I go to the salon, I make certain the technician understands that I want a trim to shape my eyebrows and not to remove so much eyebrow that I must draw it in. The salon professionals always recommend that I draw in some, but not fully draw my eyebrows. In the past few years, in Japan, the trend is for thick but not dark eyebrows. That works perfectly for me.

If you need to draw your eyebrows, SUQQU Liquid Eyebrow Pen R will help you to draw individual hairs as they would “grow” naturally. When you use eyebrow powders, always use a light touch for a “Natural” look.

Second topic – removing upper lip hair

It would not be polite to discuss such things, as it may be a cultural or even a personal preference. Of course, our friendship remains with or without hair on your upper lip.

When I travel abroad, I have noticed some Asian women, including some of my dear friends that I visit in Hong Kong or South Korea, are comfortable with the natural hair that grows on her upper lip. I am not criticizing these ladies; all of them are wonderful people. In Japan, I see some women who also leave the hair on the upper lip. In my opinion, if the upper lip hair is dark, it must be removed. To make a “smooth” look, this grooming is essential.

Also, please remember to remove stray hairs on your chin or cheeks. They can be quite long and dark — look for them!

Why? There are so many great foundations and concealers. Everyone has small, fine hair on her face that prevents the foundations from making your skin appear naturally bright with a translucent glow. It is the very the “smooth look” in “Natural Makeup” that this naturally bright with a translucent glow. To make your face look smooth, please remove this soft, fine hair from your face.

So, you may have some questions. How do I trim a stray hair by myself? I do with an electronic razor. How do I shave my upper lip hair? By this electronic razor. Cheek and chin? Yes this too.

That brings us to the topic of razor. Is it dangerous to use razors? It can be, so the right type of razor is important. I use a razor called “Ferrier”; it is safe.

There are two types of razors or shavers from which to choose. In eyebrow salons, the professionals often use straight razors to trim. I use this “swing” type for my face. It moves along the curves of my face and safely removes all of the hair, including the short, soft, hairs on my cheeks. It is fairly easy to use. To shave, carefully move the razor across your dry face. Please do not use any shaving gels or creams, or even water. NEVER use this when you are showering!!!

My model is so durable. There are many positive reviews by people who use this product; it seems they seldom break. The razor I currently use is a previous model, but there are newer models available.

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