Lissage Finish Powder Case Compact

One of the customers asked us that whether there are small or pressed powder by THREE loose powder. Unfortunately, there are no. Sadly they are not producing refills too. No only that customer but also some of you may be also looking for some nice small mobile powder case, and me too. Sometimes I use powder foundations, especially on summer and when my skin is damaged. I may tell about that the other day.

Anyhow, as you know, they are often breakable even 1/3 to half of they are left. This is my personality that I wanna use at all. I thought it is also a time to find a mobile powder cases.There are some companies, small companies are producing mobile powder cases or something. I (Cherry) also bought some of them, 5-6 years ago, but I did not satisfied. 

Seems it is the time to find something nice.

I found “Lissage” which is by Kanebo is producing “compact size” case only. I bought one and show you.

This is the case and the diameter of circle is almost 7 cm.

OK, let me show you with comparing. The SUQQU Blend Color Eyeshasow case. This is enough small to carry I am sure.

Inside is a puff and a net.

I bought cheap things long ago, and it was just a net. There are no sponge circle inside. I guess it makes the net fit. The worst thing of the cheap small cases are the puffs. I can never satisfied with the quality of the puffs of them, and foe me, this puff is MUCH better than them.

My recommend is using something—paper or cloth— to put the powders. The powder is Elizabeth Arden Mineral Foundation.

Put the net back. (Just for your information, this picture is taken the other day. The quantity on above was not enough to use :))

Because I was afraid that it opens easily, and the powder is “pressed” just by the net, puff, and the cover. So, when it would have opened in my bag, my bag would be “polluted” by foundations. So, I put this case to small plastic bag when I went to out.

See. there are no powders in this plastic bag 🙂 Good!

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