Cosme Decorte HYDRA CLARITY Conditioning Softener

Cosme Decorte HYDRA CLARITY Conditioning Softener is new for SS2022.

There are two types:

  1. Cosme Decorte HYDRA CLARITY Conditioning Softener
  2. Cosme Decorte HYDRA CLARITY Conditioning Softener ER

I got both of samples, let me share how I felt.

As Cosme Decorte naming rules, “Cosme Decorte HYDRA CLARITY Conditioning Softener” should be lighter, and “ER” should be Extra Rich.

I really like the scent of Hydra Clarity. It is light and posh, I don’t think it is a natural scent, but I like it.

If you are not familiar with Cosme Decorte/ Albion skin care method, please see also this article: “Albion Skin Care Method”.

Comparing “Hydra Clarity Conditioning Softener” and “Hydra Clarity Conditioning Softener ER”

If you had read my other articles of comparisons, I do when my skin is getting tired, but not damaged. In the comparison, I use whole package of the samples, and pushes as their recommend for each side of my face, in other words I use double quantity 🙂

Cosme Decorte or Albion Milk/ Emulsion/ Softener are generally good for my face, and they often boost my beauty.

Conditioning Softener is more runny than ER.

However both of Hydra Clarity Conditioning Softener are not for me.

They are light products, but it is not meaning they are for oil prone. My regular products are Excia Brightening, so I feel they are not oily, but I think they are oily products. Both get smooth really quickly, and I felt Conditioning Softener is slightly lighter than Conditioning Softener ER.

It will be good for my mid summer using.

I also need to describe that I felt slight irritation in both of my sides. Sadly it is not for me, but it is not meaning it is bad for you too.

I will not compare this product with other any more. Please do not ask me.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: Cosme Decorte Hydra Clarity Line.