Ignis Sunny Sour Lotion

Ignis changed whole of their formula in 2020.

Previously Ignis had a “Sunny Sour” a citrus scent line. Previous “Ignis Sunny Sour Water” is “Sunny Sour Lotion” now.

I got samples of Ignis Sunny Sour Lotion, let me share how I felt.

I need to note that my current skin condition is good. I use Albion Excia Whitening Rich Milk SV as my routine, I often switch it to Cosme Decorte Pytotune or Ignis Whitening Milk #1 as my preference.

I like Albion products, I admit Albion’s famous “Skin Conditioner Essential” is not fitting to my skin, I often get irritation with using it, I think it is because its Alcohol.

When I open the package, I remind the scent of previous “Sunny Sour” products, the scent of Grapefruit and Lemmon. When I applied on my palm, I found Ethanol kind smell.

I applied it on my face with hesitating, as I felt I got slight stinging, it gone quickly.

I think this line is not for me. Probably those who has tough skin.

Also I really afraid that its citrus oils brings me freckles. I do not recommend to use in daytime, I recommend to use in night.

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