Ingredients of Fancl FDR Acne Care Essence

Fancl FDR AC Essence

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Biosarufa-Furiddo, glycyrrhizin acid 2K, purified water, BG, ethanol, dimethicone, peony extract, peony root extract, Tounin’ekisu, mint extract -1, prune enzymatic decomposition product, Zegna oil extract, rosemary extract, phytosterols, soy phospholipids, natural vitamin E, raffinose hydrate, concentrated glycerin, diglycerin, DPG, PEG (400), pentylene glycol, a copolymer of acrylic acid and alkyl methacrylate, xanthan gum, menthol, dl-camphor, stearic acid POE sorbitan, hydroxide K , citric acid, Na citrate

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