Kao Biore Sarasara Powder Sheet is famous deodorant sheet



Biore Sarasara Powder Sheet,  deodorant sheet set. From the left, the perfume of Soap, Berries, Citrus, Aqua Rose, Cool Mint, and No perfume.

This package is 10 sheets each. There are things more than 10 sheets, but in person I often use this 10 sheets things.

In summer, I really easy to sweat a lot. Sometimes I look like a person who just took a shower, but just walking for 1 km. Disgusting. When I enter the building, I rush the restrooms, to change clothes, to wipe my hair, to wash my face by water, quick skincare, to fix my makeup. And I wipe my body with those sheets.

There are some sheets left white powder on my skin, but fortunately, there are no visible powders with this Biore.

Wanna have them? Hmm.

If you wanna have more than 12 packages (of 10 sheets)  in any of fragrance , please ask us. We will do by custom order.  We do not welcome your order less than 12 packages. The price will be JPY6000 or more, and without shipping fee. We may ship by EMS, but if you want to shrink the shipping, we can ship by Small Packet (it will take extra few days to be delivered).