Mikimoto Moon Pearl Cleansing Cream is a remover for sheer makeup

I (Cherry) got a small trial size of Mikimoto Moon Pearl Cleansing Cream, what is a makeup remover.

In Mikimoto Cosmetics, there are no perfume, and I have not got any sting by this line. I am so happy to get this small tube :), and jumped to buy a kit 🙂 Mikimoto is great brand.

This is a product in a kit what I bought. (you will also see a small sample tube on the bottom of this article)

I added photos, after I found it was getting nicer than I had thought when makeup removers are with much quantity. (See also Cosme Decorte AQMW Cleansing Emulsion)

With waterproof makeup

I had found this Mikimoto cleansing cream is nice for sheer makeup (powder only). So, how it comes with the makeup is with waterproof?

I am feeling this quantity is a little bit too much for my makeup example.

Mikimoto quantity

Here is this case.

Mikimoto remover

Let me apply. This Super Sharp is the product what is hard to remove.


mikimoto on arm

See the quantity. It is really too much, I felt.

Indeed… please see carefully the picture below.

Mikimoto aftarward

Hmm. There are something is left. Yes the letters by Super Sharp.

To be honest, I needed to “scratch” by the cotton, and it is not nice for the eyes. I do not recommend this makeup remover for your super waterproof eye makeups.

With sheer makeup

My sheer makeup are below. Sadly no place to apply my lips 😀

  • Foundation Primer: ADDICTION Skin Protector
  • Foundation: IPSA Powder Fondation
  • Eyeshadow & Blush: RMK Christmas Palette (2016, limited)
  • Eyeliner:  THREE (discontinued)

I prefer oil makeup removers or cream makeup removers, what removes my waterproof makeup really easily. The bad point of cream makeup removers, they often in the jars. That’s bad hygienic, I feel. The full bottle of this Cleansing Cream, fortunately it is a tube, I feel this is good hygienic.

In this time, my makeup is really sheer, it removed easy, but I need to admit my THREE Pencil Eyeliner (waterproof) is a little bit hard to remove.

In this time, I wiped by tissue.

There are some “red” points, but it gets normal after few seconds. No problem.

When I applied this on my face, I felt something, oily smell, but suddenly it goes away. My skin afterward was not dried.

The bad thing I need to note one thing: package design. It is the same with Cream/ Gel/ Face Wash. hmm. It is not convenient, isn’t it?

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “Mikimoto Moon Pearl Cleansing Cream” , or in JPY Branch