Chicca Ravishing Glow Makeup Base Fresh — just wired

Review by Cherry

I just got samples of Chicca Ravishing Glow Makeup Base Fresh, a foundation primer.
CHicca ravishing glow fresh

Let me show you my review with you.

I was afraid that this primer does not look like a primer.

Chicca fresh

Just a white cream, as if it was a sunscreen, but as a sunscreen, it has SPF33 & PA++, it is too weak.

Anyway, I blended on my arm, but it was shocking.

Chicca first

I applied this on my naked arm, but I could not blend well.

I washed my arm and wait to be dried, and applied.

Chicca primer 2nd

Hmm. It is really hard to use.

I opened another package for my face, I found it was blended well — my face was not naked, I applied THREE Concentrate Cream.

I am feeling I need something extra oil or something to apply this foundation primer, but I am feeling this is a useless. Due to this problem, we are not going to deal this product regularly on the stores. If you know the way to use this, or want to use this primer, please feel free to ask us. We are going to deal custom order.

Review by Hazelnuts

Hazelnuts of Philippines gave us a review of this “wired” product. Surprisingly, this is good for her. Probably it will be up to the skin condition.

Chicca Ravishing Glow Makeup Base   Fresh 1

I received a sample of the Chicca Ravishing Glow Makeup Base in Fresh. Description is rather limited on this product, and the info that I only managed to find is that it gives a “glowing, fresh finish” and that it works as a foundation primer.

Chicca Makeup Base

I swatched it on my arm first to make sure. It’s white and has a distinct scent, just like other Chicca skincare products, which is a mix of rose and saffron. I like it a lot because it smells soothing.

It blended well with no apparent glitter or shimmer. When I applied it on my face, it absorbed quite well too, and has this glowing finish, with a bit of brightening effect. I would not call it a white cast, despite its SPF of 33, because my face was not white or pasty. It just brightened my skintone. I also felt that it was very soft to touch.

It didn’t feel like a primer or makeup base at all, because it was light, and has this gel-cream texture. Most primers glide so well because of silicon, but this one was absorbed quickly and the feeling was quite “natural,” as if you’re putting on skincare. It moisturized my skin quite well.

Still, it does its job as a makeup base, because it made my foundation apply better. It felt fresh and moist on my face.

I do like this makeup primer. Having oily skin is something I have to deal with, so this primer gives a moist finish with a glowing effect, without being too oily.