Awake Herbal Server is too “strong” for the sensitive skin, but good for combination skin

Review by Cherry

I (Cherry) got a sample bottle of Awake Herbal Server, a toner.

Let me show you, it looks just a usual toner.

The difference is this scent. Not cypress, but I was attracted by this herbal or woods scent. This is a little bit sweet than cypress.

I applied this with my hands.

Oh, no… I felt sting, sadly. This pain was gone quickly, but it is uncomfortable. After this stinger, I feel my skin was really moist. I guess this is for dry skin, but I do not recommend this for sensitive skin.

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Review by Hazelnuts

My generous sample of Awake Herbal Server lasted for quite a while, and now I’m ready to share my thoughts regarding this product.

Looking at its web description, this lotion has been described as a moisturizing toner with the texture of a rich serum that has the ability to replenish moisture in the skin’s upper layers. It has Hyaluronic complex and moisture polymer to keep skin moist, and the fresh and non-sticky texture absorbs easily.

I have combination/oily skin but I appreciate good hydration and what it does for my skin. I found this lotion to be quite watery in texture, but very moist. It did not feel sticky but it left a slight glow to my skin when I pat it. I expected a refreshing, watery sensation when I applied it, but I got a glowing, moist finish instead. From the photo I took you can see the slight sheen where I rubbed the lotion (it’s quite watery so it was a bit of a challenge to put just one drop on my hand). It has a mineral, herbal soothing scent which I like as well.

I find the moisture it gives my skin is sufficient particularly in this very hot weather, where I need good hydration without the heavy feel of the usual lotions or creams. It also did not irritate my skin, which is a plus as well. Overall it’s a very good hydrating lotion for anyone looking for a herbal, light-textured product.

Thank you very much! Hazelnuts!

Yes, there are no perfect product for any of the person. This lotion is too strong for me, but good for her.

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