Mikimoto Moon Pearl Cleansing Foam is no perfume and nice face wash

I bought a trial kit of  Mikimoto Moon Pearl Cleansing Foam, a face wash.

And change the photos to the better quality.

Mikimoto Moon Pearl line is perfume less line. I do not prefer the scent products, I like this Mikimoto so much. However there are some no scent face washes, especially those foam type, they often with plastic smell, that is not welcomed.

Taking this on my palm, there are no cheap perfume nor wired plastic smell. GREAT!

Mikimoto moon pearl foam


It is really easy to earn rich foam, I used a cold tap water 🙂

foamed mikimoto

Sarah of Hong Kong! This is super easy to earn! See also How to earn foam for your face wash?

I washed my face, I found something oily smell, but it is far from strong. My skin afterward is no tight, no dry. Nice 🙂

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “Mikimoto Moon Pearl Cleansing Foam”, or in JPY Branch