Comparing Albion Excia AL Renewing / Whitening Extra Rich Milk SV

Albion Excia AL Renewing Extra Rich Milk SV was new for AW 2014,  Albion Excia AL Whitening Extra Rich Milk SV is new for SS 2015.

I (Cherry) bought Albion Excia AL Whitening Extra Rich Milk SV for this Spring.

The method of Albion milks are: Milk first, lotion second, and using cream or something to wrap.

Excia Milks

In this time, I am showing 3 pushes of Whitening & 3 pushes of Renewing. It is 3 pushes that Albion’s standard quantity for once.


The perfume of Renewing and Whitening are the same, hmm, botanical image what I have, but I don’t know what it is. Scent of something nuts milk ? Some insists this is elegant, but I say “gentle” or “soft”. Anyway, I prefer this scent more than floral.


You may see the texture of those two. I feel both are almost the same same texture.

Apply on my face

I applied Renewing on my left side of my face, and Whitening on my right. It is good for me that there are no sting on both sides.

The oil/ moist things are a little bit different from each other, and the Renewing is easy to let me feel it is going into my skin, and the Whitening remained surface of my face. And when Whitening is too much on my face, I find white dusts on my face. When you find these, change the quantity.

Both of sides were moisturized really well, and so smooth.

Day by day, my skin condition is getting healthier. I guess not the perfect condition yet 🙁

Both are oilier, yet when I use 3 pushes only, I feel it is not enough oily. One our later without using wrapping, my skin is just smooth. That’s true, I MUST apply something to wrap avoiding evacuation!

Moist & Finish

My skin is super dry, no, I am getting better, I may say that my skin is very dry. It is a progress from super to very! My dry skin is still keeping as elastic skin. But I often feel my skin is tough texture. After my using these milks, I felt this is not only moist well but also I feel my skin are soften but with good elastic. Great!

To be honest, I like smooth skin and I dislike oily products. But this behavior could make my current oil less skin. I like letting it go just applying this Excia AL milk only. I should better to feel this is not smooth but drier 🙁

I should say if you would not use cream or other products after this product, what you used would evacuate from your skin.


I have to admit about the price. Excia AL is higher line in Albion, and among Japanese, Albion itself is a maker/ brand of higher price zone. I love this scent, but you MUST use something other products.

Some brands methods are lotion and emulsion or cream, namely 2 essential items, on the other hand, Albion’s method is milk, lotion, and cream or something. Oh, 3 items… Milks are important factor in their method, and you can switch lotion and cream kind things to other affordable brands. My recommend is no perfume items, because Albion’s milks are with stronger perfume.

I need to say, these Excia milks are not pretty much affordable product.

BC of Albion told me that it is nice to use when my skin is tired. I may use this bottle for booster to getting better. Why I use it? I LOVE its texture of my soften skin with elastic.

Bottom Line

Generally I felt it is the difference between Renewing and Whitening what is a kind of penetration, I mean Whitening remained on the surface of my face, and the Renewing is easy to be disappeared.

There are no stinger for me, I like the oil level. I feel my cheeks are soften and more elastic. But I must use something to wrap to avoid my moist skin dry.

It is expensive product for me, but I love the texture of my soften skin with this product.

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