Lukin’s Review of Shiseido Haku Melanoreleaser and Melanodefenser

We send Lukin of the States Shiseido Haku Melanoreleaser and Melanodefenser.


What Melanoreleaser and Melanodefenser are?

Recently, I used Shiseido HAKU Melanoreleaser and Melanodefenser for an extended period of time and would like to share my review with you.

The Melanoreleaser is the first step after cleansing. The product is clear and slightly thicker than water. The immediate scent is a strong herbal/floral one. Fortunately, the smell disappears quickly.


The next step is the Melanodefenser, which is thicker and a bit milky in appearance. Again the strong scent dissipated quickly.


The products are designed to brighten, provide moisture, and balance your skin. The first step in brightening occurs by removing dead skin cells (Melanoreleaser) from your face. The product is called a wiping lotion, but I think calling a toner is easier to understand. The Sheseido website recommends placing the lotion/toner on a facial cotton and gently applying the product using a circular or spiraling pattern. I will be honest and say that I did not use spirals, just softly wiped my entire face.

The second step in skin brightening is the emulsion (Melanodefenser) which is designed to prevent the darkening of melanin that may develop over time on your facial skin. Again, I did not following the recommended spiral-like
application technique: I just applied it to my face.

How Lukin Felt?

I used the Melano Releaser and Defenser twice a day for about three (3) weeks.

The first week, I can report that my skin felt soft and moist after applying the products. After two full weeks, I noticed a lightening on the sun spots I have on my lower cheek/jaw. The left side is darker–I think because of driving a car with the window down. Anyway, I know it takes time for a product to really work and get real results; after three full weeks of twice daily application, I was confident that my facial skin was brighter. The sun spots were definitely lighter in color.

Now for the bad news.

I noticed that my brightening jawline was starting to develop some blemishes. I have mild acne on my forehead with a zit popping up on my chin or nose occasionally. They are what I call “typical” (for me) pimples — same places, same size, same healing process. The bumps on my lower cheek and jawline were not typical. They were big and painful. I tried not to touch them but these pimples would ache without touching them.

My cleansing routine had not changed and I had not tried any new cosmetics. I decided the problem *might* be the HAKU products. I didn’t want to give up the lovely lightening of my spots but the blemishes were bad. I had seven (7) of the large bumps along my jawline! I usually only have 2 or 3 on my entire face. So, I decided to stop using the Melano products to see what would happen.

I continued with the same cleansing routine and followed up with a mild toner. I did not want to use any acne medicine because the pimples were not normal to me. Also, I hoped it was something else that disrupted my skin. After about a week, no more large bumps appeared. Within 10 days of stopping, they were less painful. Now, it has been a little bit more than two weeks since I used the HAKU line. One stubborn pimple remains but it doesn’t hurt and will likely disappear soon.

I am so disappointed! The sun spots are not as dark as they were a couple of months ago, but not as light as a few weeks ago. I am scared to return to using the Releaser and Defenser. I may try a new skin care routine for a while and give HAKU another try in the future.

Bottom line

Despite *my* problems, I recommend the Shiseido HAKU Melanoreleaser and Melanodefenser. My skin was brighter and my skin looked clear (like pure and translucent not without blemishes). The quickness with which the sun spots lightened was amazing.

The products were very soothing and moisturizing. I would use a little eye cream at night. I didn’t need to moisturize my entire face. Before putting on my makeup, I would use primer and a tiny bit of cream under my eyes. What else can I say? I really enjoyed the HAKU Melano line of products. I will review again if I decide to try them again.

Note by Cherry

Thank you Lukin!

It was so sad to know she got pimples with using this. It can happen to any products and any person, even one product is good for someone, it is not always good for you. Seemed she likes Shiseido, we send it to her. Lukin, I guess this Haku brand might be not good for your skin.

There are some products what I could not use, my skin is sensitive. I often use those products to my knees and elbows, the skin is too rough but not sensitive 🙂 or body lotion while staying on hotels 🙂

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