Orbis U Brightening Jelly Wash

As one of my friends recommend, I bought Orbis U Trial set.
orbis u set

Today, I show you Brightening Jelly Wash, a face wash.

orbis u brightening jelly wash

You can not make bubble to wash your face.

orbis u wash

Please apply this gel paste on your face, and massage gently. I hope you can see there are small grains on the gel, unlike scrub washes, this grains are gone really quickly.

After your massage, rinse well.

I used warm water to rinse, but it took more water than soaps.

My face afterward is no dry, no tight, but well moisturized. I did not feel refreshed.

And this product is not a makeup remover. If you makeup your face, use your makeup removers first. I use makeup removers, and using this Jell Wash after the makeup removers, I felt as if the makeup removers were not left. I am not sure whether it is psychological or not, this face wash is not for me.

A friend of mine, for her, this IS one of the most favorite product among Orbis. She rarely wear makeups, it might be the biggest reason.

Totally to say,  this face wash is not for the person like me who like wearing makeups.

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