Albion Excia Double Key Advance Serum

In AW2022, Albion changed the formula of their Albion Excia Double Key Serum to Albion Excia Double Key Advance Serum.

I got a sample for this Excia Double Key Advanced Serum, let me share how I felt.

In Albion Skin Care Method, “serum” and “cream” should be applied in the final step. If you are not familiar with Albion Skin Care Method, please check this article: Albion Skin Care Method.

There are several Albion creams what are not bad, but in case of serums, I felt they are not enough for me, too light to use. I need oil for my skin, especially these dry Autumn. It is simply a personal preference.

There are two liquid in one package, one is transparent, and guess you can see there is also a yellow drop, it is oil.

albion double

Seems in the bottle, when you push, there are two liquid in once. According to a BC of Albion, the oil is pretty easy to be oxidation, this is the reason why they chose this style.

Taking all the package in my hand, and mix both to apply on my face.

The scent is strong, it is Albion! If you are a perfume prone, please pay attention on this maker. The scent is herbal, and I like it, I am feeling it is more “herbal” than other Excia products.

Applying it on my face, it is a kind of heavier/ oily product, but easy to get smoother. I did not feel any stinging nor irritation.

I sometimes use skin care oil, I say it is not a serum, but an oil.

I like it so much, it should be good for my hotel stay. I searched this product in DFS, but still they are selling previous formula.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “Albion Excia Line”.