Kate Lip Monster Lip Stick made my lips dry.

Kate is an affordable drug store brand in Kanebo. It has good reputation, but we don’t deal them regularly, due to the price zone, and expenses for obsession.

Kate Lip Monster line is really good reputation as rich & high pigment, and good lasting among Japanese consumers. It is sometimes hard to purchase, and we don’t deal them. Lipstick #11, #12, #13, and #14 are sold in online stores only, they are easier to purchase.

I purchased Kate Lip Monster Lipstick #11 for myself. Let me share how I felt.

kate lip

This lipstick is a glow type, and glow lipsticks tend to be easier to run than matte type.

I applied it to my bare arm, and you may be able to see it is a “glow”, and high pigment lipstick.

I put a tissue on the makeup, and pressed. It still lasting, but seems as if it was matte lipstick.

kate swatch

On my lips, this is truly a high pigment, and #11 is emphasising my own lip shade. It looks really natural. I like it. Indeed after 20 mins or so, I found my lips are dried. I need to wear lip primers/ lip creams. They often makes lipsticks easier to be run.

I need to admit that my skin condition is not quite good. Also it is so dry season as Spring.

Also I need to note that there are neither perfume, nor artificial something chemical smell.

Total to say it is not for me, but truly a high pigment, and a good lasting.

If you want to purchase Kate Lip Monster Lipstick/ Soufflé Matte Lip, please ask me about your favourite shades.

We are glad to deal them when you order only Lip Monster line items, as a custom order, it should be JPY2,500/ per an item (without the shippings).

When you order Lip Monster line with something among the store, it should be JPY1,900/ per an item (without the shippings). And we don’t want to work for Kate products only. Please order at least one other products.