Personal Review of ADDICTION Primer Glow

I (Cherry) tried a sample of ADDICTION Primer Glow, the foundation primer.
Let me share with you my review of this product.

The left; this creamy foundation primer is “melting” on my skin temperature.

The middle; it is a rummy cream, and pretty easy to spread on my skin. But it makes my skin color quite whiter. You may be easy to find where the primer is.

The right: with a powder foundation (old one of Primavista). I think you may find where it is in this picture. Actually it is significant different whether this primer or not.

It is pretty good for me that there are no perfume in this primer. To be honest, I felt few pain, but it maybe because of Alcohol or something included, and this pain was gone quickly. And it keep my foundation stay longer.

Like most of Japanese foundation primers, this primer also has a sunscreen effect. It is SPF20/PA++, and how do you feel about it? Some say it is pretty enough to SPF15, and I am not authority of the effect. I know there are some sunscreens which says SPF50, but it is easy to burn my skin. It is my opinion that when you feel it makes burn your skin, it is bad, and when you feel it protects your skin from sun-burning, it is good for you. I prefer using SPF50 or more in summer, but in winter it might be less problem with SPF20 for me.

ADDICTION says this Primer Glow has an effect of pore-care. To be honest, I could not find it is effective or not. Please do not misunderstand that this “pore-care” is not meaning that shrinking your actual pores, but it means hide your pores with shining/ covering.

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