Personal Review of ADDICTION Tinted Moisturizer

I (Cherry) also got a sample of ADDICTION Tinted Moisturizer.

Sorry! Seemed we deleted the pictures!

The color is #03, the basic color,  seems this is pretty good for my arm (and face). Actually my skin color is the very Japanese basic color, maybe pale as Asian girls living outside of Japan. I can not describe in case of other races.

Upper is with primer, lower is no primer. The blue pointer is showing the gap. They are the same pictures with I had shown you on “Personal Review of ADDICTION Foundation Primer“.

You may see the significant difference between with or without the primer. Upper is tinted, and lower is natural. This tint effect is make your big pores smaller with quite small reflecting.

The good things of this foundation are those; no perfume (quite good!), no pain (brilliant!) and it is quite light on my face. Some tubed foundations are too oily or too sticky, and they often make acnes on my face, but this is light and of course no acne in my face. There are no big effect of hiding your uneven skin color torn like Suqqu’s foundations, but this is much more natural. If you want to emphasis its tint, please also use ADDICTION Primer.

Actually, ADDICTION Primer has only SPF20 PA++, and this foundation is SPF12 PA+, I suppose they are not enough for use in Summer. Please apply higher sunscreen too.

Please check the latest price, find your color, and order from here;  “Addiction Foundations“.