Personal Review of Awake Herbal Vitalizing Moisture Fluid

Because I often enjoy “lotion pack” aka “cotton pack”, I need many lotion.
If you wanna know about those “pack” things, please visit here: Beauty Tips — Lotion Pack/ Cotton Pack

So, it is not pretty easy to try new emulsions often!

OK, let me share with you my new sample size experience of Awake Herbal Vitalizing Moisture Fluid.

I guess you are seeing “cypress aroma” in the bottle. Do you like the smell of woods? I can not imagine there are people who hates the scent of woods, not artificial, but natural essential oil. Cypress is a wood, we Japanese often use to build, maybe for Japanese this is a racial relax scent.

Anyway, I took the emulsion on my hand. I love the smell of this emulsion. Awake says use this emulsion with gently massaging. My fingers moves so smoothly with this emulsion. Yes, smooth. If you have trying to use “watery” emulsions for massaging, you may know it is not quite smooth for massaging.

So? This is oily emulsion. If you are looking for not oily emulsion, this is not for you.

For me, my skin is drier, and I need not only water but also oil too. Of course there are no stinger for me.

This emulsion is good for me, but there is one bad point. I should not use this for morning. Why I have to relax on morning? 🙂

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