Personal Review of Dr. CiLabo VC100 Pore White Lotion

One of the girls behind Cherry is a big fan of Dr.CiLabo.
I do not like using “all in one gel” things. Hmm, when I was young, I got acnes with using the very Dr.CiLabo’s gel, and currently, they are not enough moist my skin well. The CiLabo girl gave me to use how do you like it? it was a bottle of lotion/ toners named VC100.

It is 150ml bottle, and seems 50ml or so are left. I am using this product almost everyday.

This lotion is thicken liquid. I had used some lotions including Vitamin C, they often make me felt hot, and I hate it.

I applied this lotion on my face with hesitating. Frankly to say, I felt hot for few seconds. Not fun. Indeed it gone so quickly. No problem. But my face was just wet. I wrap my face by my hands for extra few seconds. My face was coming so good moist touch.

When I am nearing to the period, I get acne so I switch cosmetics to Fancl Acne Care series. But generally to say, my skin is keeping better condition for this few months. It is changing seasons, and I used to be having problem what my skin in turning so dry. In this autumn of 2014, there are no such problems so far.

According to them, “This is a skincare toner which specifically targets enlarged facial pores and helps your skin look brighter for a luminous look. ”

hmm. I have to admit there are less big pores on my face recently, but I also have to admit I got extra weight recent few months. Yes, its Autumn… So, I do not know whether it is because of this or not. And brightening effect, hmm, I do not feel anything about it.

Anyway, I think this is a good product, much better than I had expected!

Seems they are selling at some countries like in HongKong. If you can find this on your country, it might be cheaper than we can provide… at least the shipping cost.

Please order from here: Dr.CiLabo VC Pure White Lotion

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