Subscribe our News Letter!

Dear Customers,

We are excited to launch our first newsletter/mail magazine. We want to share the excitement with our previous customers who clicked “accept marketing” while shopping at, and to share with our loyal, repeat customers, including custom orders, by those who shop at the website.

The purpose of the newsletter is to say a special “thank you” to the customers who have done business with Cherry’s Japanese Cosmetics. You will receive information about *secret coupons*, notification about limited products, etc.

So, there are no open “secret coupon’ any more.

When possible, we will offer an early bird discount on pre-orders for limited editions and difficult to obtain cosmetic kits. We want provide our existing customers these privileges, so the newsletter will not be archived on the website. The exclusive offers included in the newsletter are for our devoted customers. Please do not forward the newsletter to those who have not shopped with us.

To the customers who order FANCL items often, you may have less interest on other brands, we are discussing to publish news letters focusing on you. Wanna have? Tell us what you wanna see!

We are sending invitation to subscribe our news letter few by few. If you have not got invitation, please feel free to ask us to send you!

The planned first news letter is issue of Sep 1st!

All the best,

Cherry’s Japanese Cosmetics