Japanese Girl’s Beauty Box; BOX of Aug 2014 TRY ME

We had shipped our Japanese Girl’s Beauty Box; Box of Aug 2014: TRY ME

As we told, this was NET junk; samples, there are even LESS small bottles.

We are going to show you some examples.

Lunasol & Albion Box

Tubes: SUQQU Sunscreen 50, Shiseido Altemune (new for 1st of Sep), SUQQU Frame Fix Lasting Pact Foundation N 102.

Others are Lunasol Facewash, Lunasol Waterly Foundation, Lunasol First Skin Adjuster, Excia etc


Because there are AWAKE mini bottles, this box has less samples.

SUQQU Face Mist, Shiseido Altemune, SUQQU Frame Fix Lasting Pact Foundation N 102, AWAKE Lotion and Emulsion, SUQQU Moisture Lotion, Moist Repair Essence, Moisture Cream, Massage Scrub etc.


Suqqu Massage Scrub, Shiseido Altemune, SUQQU Lasting Pact Foundation N 102.

SUQQU Massage Cream, THREE Balancing UV Protector, Primer, Liquid FOundation, Balancing Treatment Essence, Concentrate Cream etc.

All of the boxes has Fancl FDR Washing Liquid, and Fancl Moisturizing 1day skincare set.

Cleansing oil, Powder Face Wash, Lotion & Emulsion, and Mask.

Hope you LOVE THEM!!

We are planning to make new box on Oct or Nov. Why Nov?? Yes, HOLIDAY MAKEUP KIT!!! Some cheap, but high quality makeup brands are also selling holiday makeup kits. So, when we decide which brands we deal—Coffret D’or or Esprique level, and price, we may tell you ASAP!

Please check our Japanese Girl’s beauty Box: Main store, or JPY Branch (you can not see JPY Branch’s page when there are no stock).