Laduree Pressed Cheek Color is pretty!

We can rarely deal Laduree. One of the good friends of Cherry is in Tokyo, and when she visits us, she can carry some items. She is a busy person, and she has no time to go to obtain and ship (even to us) each of the order.

I (Cherry) asked to buy Pressed Cheek Color, the powder blush. I do not need a case, so this is a refill only.

The color is 103, limited for AW2013.


The powder is so small! On the picture above, I felt chilly, my arm had gooseflesh, and the powder is not even.

Actually this color is not pretty strong as the refill color. I think it is pretty cute pink, and good for daily use.

Indeed there are huge problem for me. It included pretty strong perfume for me. Laduree says it is “rose”, but for me, it is just stinky, in person. I asked some of the girls behind me to use. One of the girls does not pay attention about the perfume, for her, that perfume is just a smell, and no problem. She is loving to use it at her office.

For me, the perfume is a big deal, for those who like me, this product and Laduree products are just useless. But if you do not care about the perfume, and find a good color, you may love this quality.

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