Les Merveilleuses Laduree FACE COLOR ROSE LADURÉE is fantastic to see, but inconvenient to use

I bought small limited (and small) version of Les Merveilleuses Laduree FACE COLOR ROSE LADURÉE. As I remember, the color is Ninon or something.

Laduree is a brand, we can neither obtain our nearby, nor through official inter net stores. If you are a subscriber of our news letter, sometimes we tell you “we are going to a big city, and we can obtain something like Laduree for you…”, when you find this sentence, you can ask us Laduree for the custom order.


Anyway, this Rose Laduree, the small limited version. Oh, sorry, the ugly letters are on the center of the picture. Recently, we found someone ( I know who they are) are taking our pictures not only without permission, but also removed our credit marks. Simply sad. How dare they are…

Back to this pretty. How sweet…

This small version is not a regular product for them. How it is pretty… I was so attempted by this blush. Yeah, it was too adorable to use for long days… The way to use is, just shake your blush brush onto the petals! Its color is so posh pink. How adorable.

The perfume was not pretty much fun for me, but I could bear this.

But now, I do not recommend this for the person like me.
Why? It was not my daily routine, but I often use it. The petal is made from hard cloth, and the color is plastered the petal. There are lines to pretend a petal, and it is not pretty much easy to take color at all. It looks really miserable. Sad.

In this small “rose”, there are 3 big petals and 3 small petals, and big 3 were linked by string each other, and small 3 were also. I needed to change the positions to take color after a half year passed, and I often changed the positions. Finally I needed to stroke on the back. It was OK. But the strings are not fun, and I cut by my hands.

The place I makeup is on the bawl in my washroom. When I stroked, some petals fallen down to the bowl 🙁 I do not want to use those. This one is the final one.
Yeah, this Les Merveilleuses Laduree FACE COLOR ROSE LADURÉE is the most beautiful blush ever created. But if you are looking for a blush you can use neatly, like me, this is not for us.


When you want to order the regular size, please visit “Les Merveilleuses LADUREE Blushes”.