Lunasol Cheek Brush S is a high quality compact brush!

Let me (Cherry) share with you my Lunasol Cheek Brush S.

This cheek brush is one of most popular brushes we sell. Read on and you will understand why everyone loves it.

First, the brush is portable so you can take it with you when you’re on the go. If you typically use the small blush brush that is included inside many blush products, you will love the performance of this little brush and love its compact size. The brush is in a metal, retractable case.  This will keep the brush bristles clean and will prevent blush color from soiling the inside of your makeup bag.
Lunasol Cheek Brush S


Pull up the cap..

Lunasol Cheek Brush S


Here is a brush.

Lunasol Cheek Brush S

This brush is so luxurious! The brush contains Grey Squirrel and Goat hairs, which make it incredibly soft. My skin can be very sensitive; sometimes when my own hair skims across my cheek, it itches.

I have tried a brush from Bobbi Brown. When I purchased BB’s Shimmer Brick, I believe this was the brush included with the product. It may have been a gift with purchase when I bought the blush from DFS.  It was a good brush; it was well built,  soft, and much nicer than the brushes included in many blush compacts. Even that brush felt like it was scratching my cheeks.

Then I tried the Lunasol cheek brush — it was soft, and it felt gentle on my cheeks. No itching! No course bristles!

Now I understand why it’s so popular. This portable cheek brush is expensive but the quality and performance make it worth the money. There are not many cosmetic brushes made with natural hair; usually it’s synthetic bristles. When you compare this cheek brush to other brushes with natural hair bristles, the other brushes are not as plush and full as the Lunasol Cheek brush.

Lunasol’s portable brush; Cheek Brush S feels both soft and firm. This combination allows you to sweep the perfect amount of color onto your cheeks. I am in love with this brush!

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