Personal Review of Lunasol Summer Cheek (2013)

Let me (Cherry) show you the Lunasol Summer Cheek from Lunasol Summer Kit 2013.

Sorry, I forgot to review you this product. This is my usual make up.

Apply this product by my finger. This is a creamy blush.

Sometimes there is a small chunk.

You can spread the chunk easily by your finger.

The color is a coral orange. It was originally designed for summer, it is in autumn to winter now, sometimes my face looks darker and unhealthy. This coral orange make my face healthier.

Are you interested in this product? Unfortunately, all of Lunasol Summer Kit 2013 has been sold out. Sometimes Lunasol has kits, and it will be available and during our pre-order period you can order here; “Limited & Seasonal“.

Foundation Primer; Lunasol Control Base
Foundation; Lunasol Skin Modeling Water Cream Foundation