Personal Review of Suqqu Mascara Volume Long N (EX01)

Last year, I (Cherry) got a mini size of “Suqqu Mascara Volume Long N” from Suqqu Christmas Makeup Kit 2012. I had planned to obtain this Makeup Kit in this 2013 too. In this year, both eyeshadow colors are beautiful, but not my taste. Tulip, one of the girls behind me wanted to have one, but she does not need this mascara and other items. So we have decided to accept the order separately. Seemed it was good for many customers. But I wondered why they do not need this mascara. It is pretty nice!

Let me compare 2012 and 2013. Left is 2012, and right is 2013.

Left is 2012, and right is 2013. Th brushes are the same shape.

Can you find what is the different?

Let me show you on my arm.

Top is 2012, bottom is 2013. I wish you can see the difference. Top is black, and the bottom is deep blue black. Actually in this blue black, there are quite small glitters too. Pretty elegant, and beautiful.

This mascara is a waterproof one, but so easy to remove by warm water. But I often use “cleansing oil”, makeup remover, because they help removing much easier. We often have order of Suqqu’s mascaras, but they are mostly “Long”. But in here, both volume and long effects are common. If you are an Asian, I recommend to use this Volume Long N.

I have enough long and volumed eyelashes, but they are straight. Sometimes I use curlers, but keeping the curl is so hard. This product keep curl without curlers. This type is “volume” effect, and I know there are many mascaras make chunks on my eyelashes, especially the items of 10 years ago! No worries. There are no chunks. But to be honest, I do not feel “volume”. If you have a problem of less eyelashes, “Volume” might be better.

Actually, I kept that 2012 only for comparing 2013, and using the review of makeup cleansers. In this summer, it was already stinky. It means it is already expired. I was advised that after applying mascaras on my eyelashes, wipe the brush of mascara by tissue. It keeps the mascara inside of the bottle cleaner.

Are you interested in this product? Unfortunately, all of Suqqu Christams Makeup Kit 2013 has been sold out. Sometimes Suqqu has kits, and it will be available and during our pre-order period you can order here; “Limited & seasonal“.

And please check the types and the latest price from here;  “Suqqu Mascaras”.
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