Personal Review of Lunasol Full Glamour Gloss A EX-03

The product that I (Cherry) am reviewing is Full Glamour Gloss a EX03, which is included in the Lunasol Party Coffret 2013.

Lunasol has two types of lip gloss. There is this Full Glamour Gloss A and  Full Glamour Liquid Lips. When I compare the Liquid Lips to the Glamour Gloss, the Liquid Lips feels sticky. The Glamour Gloss has a thinner consistency, which feels smooth and slick on my lips.

The Glamour Gloss has a thinner consistency than the more lipstick-like Liquid Lips. It is less glittery but has a beautiful luster.  I love the Glamour Gloss! The product goes on smoothly and provides great color. Many other glosses have a pretty shade of pink or coral in the tube that are just shiny and glittery when applied to my lips.

This Glamour Gloss is actually lighter than my natural lip color. My top lip is darker than my bottom lip, and sometimes my lips are two different colors after I apply lip gloss, but this gloss is well pigmented.  My lips are evenly colored with a soft shimmer so both of my lips look like my natural lip color, maybe a bit better.

The elegant color makes my lips look so natural. I love my make up to have that natural look. You may know that look — It seems natural and easy but actually requires a lot of time and tons of makeup to make us appear as if we are not wearing makeup. Lunasol’s Full Glamour Gloss a is perfect for creating that look.

My lips are often dry and can peel when using some lipsticks.  That is why I like liquid glosses and colors so my lips feel and look moist. Now, if I keep my hair from getting stuck in the lip gloss…. I guess that’s a small price to pay for beautifully colored lips.

Are you interested in this product? Unfortunately, all of Lunasol’s Party Coffret 2013 have been sold. Next summer a new Lunasol Kit will be available and during our pre-order period you can order here; “Limited & Seasonal“. If you want to try this product now, please look at the latest colors and prices at “Lunasol Full Glamour Gloss A“. The color that is closest to the color in the photo is the 03 Soft Coral.

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