Albion Exage CLEARY CLEANSING CREAM — wipe, wipe and wipe to remove!

This Albion Exage CLEARY CLEANSING CREAM is a makeup remover, new for SS2016.

I (Cherry) got a sample of this, and let me share with this makeup remover.

My makeups are below:

Albion Exage White Clearly

I put quite few on my arm.

I touched few times, by mu finger, it is often enough to remove mostly.

Albion Exage White first few


There are nothing happen, even this makeup remover did not work for even foundation. I had thought it is not enough quantity.

I add extra few and touched many times, but seems my eyeliners does not removed.

Albion Exage White second

I was a little bit disappointed, and wiped by tissue.

Albion Exage Wiped

Oh. I did not scratched, just wiped.Β All you need to do to remove is, WIPE! Seems this is not pretty bad πŸ™‚

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