Albion Excia AL Cell Clarity Essence Foam is a liquid face wash

Let me (Cherry) review products of Albion Excia AL Whitening Mini-bottles Set.

In this time, I will show you Excia AL Cell Clarity Essence Foam, the face wash. This is new for SS2017, took over Excia AL Whitening Circulating Essence Foam.

Excia Cell

Let me show you.

Excia Cell

It is not a lotion/ toner, this is a face wash.

!? This is a transparent liquid, and I doubted again whether I opened the lotion bottle or not. Oh, this is the truly “foam”. I add drops of water and try to make a bubble.


Excia Cell Foam

It was super easy to make enough bubble to wash. For me, this bubble is enough, but I guess you will feel “light” bubble. I know there are many people who like “rich” or “creamy” foam. In person, especially at summer, I do not want to use “rich” or “creamy” face washes. All I need is letting me feel “fresh”.

No worries, there are no peppermint or something sting to make feel “cool”. Just I felt “fresh”. For me, this is a good product. But I guess when I would have felt my skin was too dry, I could not have used it.

The perfume is nothing to write. I care the scent of cosmetics, but for me, it was acceptable.

Totally to say, they are the people who I do not recommend this face wash: super dry skin, preferring”rich” “creamy” bubbles, moist your skin with face washes. They are the those who I recommend this face wash: normal-oily skin, preferring to feel “fresh” with face washes.

And there are nothing so much different from the previous formula of Circulating Essence Foam.

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