Albion Excia AL WHITENING CRYSTAL COCKTAIL is silky on the face

In Albion’s 4 steps method: 1) Wash, 2) Milk, 3) Lotion, 4) Wrap, this cocktail/ serum is the final step.

Wrapping by oilier products is important to keep your skin moist. Talking with people from out of Japan, they are thinking misunderstanding. If you have dry skin, my recommend is add both water and oil.

Anyway, the serum of Whitening Crystal Cocktail.

I gave it’s sample to Sarah, from HK. Let’s see how she felt.

Sarah’s review

I didn’t have any experience with the Japanese skincare routine and never knew that lotion (Sarah: Cherry, is it a kind of lotion? Or serum? Cherry: Sarah, this is a serum) could be used instead of cream to wrap (retain moisture in skin). I’m really very happy to have tried this Excia cocktail because it simply is excellent.

I’m not sure when I first see that the cocktail is so thick and gooey.  The smell is very pleasant though.

I’m then floored by how silky the cocktail feels when applied on the face– it just surprises me because of its gooey look. It’s quickly absorbed into my skin and just in a minute, I feel like I haven’t put on anything at all. The best thing is of course that it wraps so well. I don’t feel any dryness or tension in my face for long hours. Its ability to wrap is comparable, if not better, to the Nuxe dry skin cream that I’ve been using. The fact that it doesn’t stick as much definitely makes it a better choice especially in summer.

Thank you Sarah!

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Cherry’s Review

Albion White Cocktail

Even for me, it is not pretty much fun (!?) to use lots of items on my face.

Sarah had mentioned it is a gooey look, but for me, it is just a serum, not pretty much gooey/ sticky, just running emulsion kind serum.

It is like Fancl’s emulsions, it is less/ no oily, and it is true that I doubted it can wrap to keep my skin moist well. As Sarah mentioned, I also thought this is good for summer.

For me, I often get sting by those brightening products, but rarely happen in Albion products. It was really good for me I also had not stinger nor flash by this cocktail.

Lukin’s Review

This was unlike any skincare product I have EVER tried. It felt like a liquid-y serum and the smell was strong. As I applied it to my face, the sensation was pleasant as it easily smoothed onto my face. Surprisingly,
there is no sensation of moisturizing; it actually provided a lovely matte finish. My skin felt slightly plumped. Not swollen or puffy, but as if the skin cells were alert!. As the product soaked in, my facial skin felt pleasantly more moisturized than seemed possible from a small amount of product.

In conclusion, both Stem Nova Cream and the Crystal Cocktail gave interesting results. The cream left a feeling of firmness and the Cocktail left a feeling of hydration. One factor to consider about both products is
that I could feel the product on my face. In reality, I think I am feeling the Firmness and the Hydration. I needed to rinse my hands after both products as there was a bit of sticky residue.

Totally to say, this is a nice product for me.

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